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Our Treatments in Brisbane-Gold Coast and Ipswich  which is safe for your family and effective against annoying insects

Are you trying DIY Treatments and they are not working ? It’s time for a professional to do your service to get on top of these pests  around your home and we will give you a warranty so you’ll have peace of mind.

Everbody is aware of the problems that these critters  create in your  home in South East Queensland Whether it is ants, cockroaches or spiders Besides the annoyance and disgust factor that comes with them, these annoying bugs can cause health risks for your family. In fact, throughout the world these  pests have been responsible for spreading diseases like Meningitis, Salmonella, E.Coli and much more even the Bubonic Plague. So the fight in controlling insect pests is definitely a lot more tricky and requires a thorough Treatment plan. So if you are not using the services of a professional pest company  your efforts will most likely be unsuccessful and a waste of your money and time.

My online offer an effective yearly general Treatment  that protects your home from spiders, cockroaches, and ants. At My Online  we understand that getting rid of bugs requires something more than just closing your house up and spraying it. We use a comprehensive approach to fight insect pests, both inside and outside of the house. Some of these  Pests may be hard to spot, but our treatment services will ensure that they’ll stay away from your home and family and if they do happen to come back so will we at no extra cost to you.

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Most people are aware of how rats can be bad for your health, but a lot of people don’t really understand just how dangerous insects can be. Rats can carry and spread all sorts of dangerous bacteria and diseases, but they usually like to stay away from humans whenever they’re in the vicinity of people. Although their faeces, urine, and even the parasites they carry are filled with diseases, and they are generally not known to bite a person. But Pests like ants, spiders and cockroaches are definitely dangerous when it comes to your families hygiene and safety. Cockroaches can cause all sorts of health problems and spiders and ants will bite you..

Cockroaches carry germs all over their body which are harmful to humans, and can be especially dangerous for small children and babies. That’s why a  yearly Pest Control should be at the top of any homeowners things to do, and you should only use a professional  to take care of this for you.

The pest treatments we use works because we target the problem areas Instead of limiting ourselves to treating your home with a generic chemical  spray. This way you are assured  to get rid of your pest problems and at the same time saving your money in the long term.

 Treatments For Ants

The Facts

When it comes to diseases and health hazards ants are nothing to worry about when it comes to pests you’ll find in your home. Just because they aren’t dangerous doesn’t mean they’re not a problem. Ants are extremely social insects. So if one ant enters your and finds a food source or moisture source in your home the chances that you’ll soon be invaded by a colony of  thousands of them is very high. Once they’re settled, they will get into anything that they can use as food. Usually your pets food or food in your cupboards. Ants can cause havoc in your home destroying electrical goods and on a few occasions shorting out the power supply.

Our Pest  Treatment for ants focuses on finding and targeting the Ant colony. Most ant species will form their colonies in your walls and your backyard, the treatments we use are the latest technology chemicals which transfer which in turn eliminates the colonies so you will have relief from these most annoying pests.


Some Spider species are dangerous but most we find within your home are not. Instead of eating your garbage, spiders prefer to hunt their prey and inject them with toxic venom. Most spiders aren’t fatal to a human being but depending on their species they can trigger asthma attacks, vomiting and nausea, and even skin necrosis.

Treating spiders can be tricky, especially wandering species because they have chitin at the end of their legs (like Toenails) (Eg Huntsman). So it can take some time for any treatment to work as you will have to wait until they groom themselves for them to uptake the chemical or eat prey that has been affected by the treatment. So the best way to get rid of spiders is to take away their food sources. Our Insect control Treatments focus on eliminating the Spiders’ source of food. By having a general pest control  the spiders food source is eliminated which makes it less appealing for them. But don’t worry we do kill the visible ones on the day.


Cockroaches are one of the worst pests that can be found inside your home. They can go from one to thousands in a very short time especially German Cockroaches. They are known to spread a lot of different types of bacteria and can even cause Asthma attacks in children. Homes or businesses dealing with a cockroach infestation are also more prone to suffer cases of Diarrhoea, Salmonella, and of course Food Poisoning. Which is why it’s essential for your family or your customers, that you take care of these cockroaches  in the most effective way possible.

The Cockroach resistance is legendary, as many  homeowners and business owners can attest to that. We know that simply spraying won’t solve your cockroach problem in the long run. We do a thorough and comprehensive Pest Control Treatment, using a variety of treatments to your home or business using the latest chemical technology today, us being in the field we have to change what we use on cockroaches quite regularly as they can build a resistance very quickly . While at the same time we will advise you on how to make it an environment that is not so pleasant for them. This includes getting rid food sources or areas inside your house that they will hide in. Our Treatments and advice to you will make it as unattractive as possible for any cockroaches to infest. The worst for infestations come from German cockroaches and they require a specialised treatments.  We will let you know if it is Germans.


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Most insects prefer to stay outside rather than inside your home and occasionally they will come into your home while they are looking for food or water. The problem is if you have these band environments that they like ,they’ll  stay  and multiply  as long as they can keep finding it. The times that you will find these insects coming into your homes usually depends on the time of year. The Worst times are spring and summer as they become more active, during the winter they need to get shelter from the cold and our homes are perfect.

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To get the best out of  our Yearly General Pest Control Treatments we liketo focus on treatments during the warmer season. And at the same time we like ti make sure  your house is protected during the winter. We will advise you how to seal any entry points into your home or business. As well as making your backyard less appealing for places that could offer them shelter and food sources. The few bugs that will thrive outside will have to seek shelter elsewhere. Making you and your family enjoy living in a home or business that is insect-free. Give our friendly office a Call  on 32008586 for a quote and to arrange your Pest Treatment.

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we even do treatments to control Mosquitos

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